Death-Metal - Belgium
Imagine that Misery Index, Benighted, Dying Fetus, Exumed and Skinless, all armed with instruments, are locked in a studio, the musicians are mixed-up well, divided into shifts and, under the threat of brute violence, forced to form a new band by consensus. You could describe Aborted like this or something similar. In the international Death Metal scene they are famous not only for their intensified Death Metal but also for their active live behaviour. The band not only loves to play rough but also loves to play a lot of shows and to heave themselves on packages with suitable musical support. Now it looks as if the men have decided to play significantly less in 2020 in order to work diligently in the studio on the successor of the last output "Terrorvision". Well, we have spared no expense and effort to convince the band to let the studio rest for a while to blow your ear canals off at # WOD2020 with a special 25 years set!


Post-Black-Metal - Germany
We welcome 2020 and wish you all the best for this new year! Just throwing a few New Year's wishes in your direction is not our approach - so we'll put a band on top of it. Accordingly, our first new entry this year is called AGRYPNIE! Kinda complicated and melodic, yet profound and always to be found in the darkest corner, the band around Mastermind Torsten is one of the pioneers in German Post Black Metal.


Death-Metal - Denmark
We stay at the doorsteps of our Danish neighbors and bring more fresh blood to sweet Lichtenfels! However, it can't get much fresher than with BAEST, because the band has not even 5 years under its belt! What the youngsters flared up during this time in terms of live activities, is more than many experienced troops can keep up with during their entire career! Various festivals of all sizes as well as tours with Decapitated, Entombed AD and Aborted have strengthened the band's reputation as an absolute live power as well as their own interpretation of the new rough Death Metal somewhere between Dismember, Bloodbath and Entrails - that will be really rough .. UGH!


Death-Metal - Niederlande
You want Death Metal? You'll get Death Metal - that of the very best Dutch origin! No we are not talking about Asphyx or Soulburn (already had those guys ...), but rather about fresh blood from this scene. Few bands have such a fast-moving career like the Death Squad Bodyfarm. The four-piece is characterized by constant behavioral patterns in connection with the scene, solid outputs and crushing song structures as well as the sympathy bonus that is attached to these guys. You don't know the band ?! Hurry up - turn to up the volume and start listening!


Death-Metal - Sweden
Do you want pounding, blasting and omnipresent destruction? Here you go! When Vomitory went into hibernation in 2013, some of the band members could not keep their feet still for a minute to take a break. CUT UP was born! Their 2015 debut "Forensic Nightmares" showed a very clear direction: brutal, dark Death Metal between Cannibal Corpse, Vader and of course Vomitory. Anyone who expects classic melodic Scandinavian Death Metal school here should be prepared for a disappointment, because the four-piece team beats down everything and holds sing-along refrains and too filigree guitar work not in the highest manner - hack, slash and splatter!


Black-Metal - Germany
We stay in Germany and dedicate ourselves to a band that we last had with us in 2008 .. back then in beautiful Coburg (before we finally settled in the magnificient Lichtenfels ;-)). DARK FORTRESS are one of the spearheads of the German scene when it comes to Blackened Death Metal or Deathened Black Metal.. However, the band cannot really be pigeonholed within the genre - the musical work of the 6-piece was always subject to change and so the band has repeatedly managed to redefine their creative field since the mid-90s and to beat stagnation in every way. The new long player "Spectres from the old World" only came onto the market in February and once again proves international class - attack!


Thrash-Metal - Germany
Some of you will have wondered whether we are really that cold-blooded and leave Tankard alone on the flyer, although Sodom was allowed to play our festival two years ago - the answer is of course NO! After all, we are no inhuman beings - that's why we decided to provide the guys with a few suitable playmates from old times. DESTRUCTION! As an essential part of Big Teutonic 4, the band has been active since the early 80s and has always been extremely busy. In the last 5 years alone the band has had 3 albums and 2 splits - not a little considering that we don't have lively youngsters here but seasoned Thrashers in their prime. As a special surprise, the band will perform an oldschool setlist - 35 years INFERNAL OVERKILL!!!


Death-Metal - Germany

The Grand Masters of German Sludge Death Metal return to release a new album by 2020! Wait a minute - they return? That's not quite true, because Disbelief have never really been away! Active since 1990, the band aroundm scene idol Jagger, released  their latest album "The Symbol of Death" in 2017. Well, how should one describe the music of the 5-piece? The band does not play standard Death Metal, but they can not really put themselves between other Sludge bands - some would say that they actually go their very own way. Stomping, angry, rolling and usually rattling in mid-tempo, the songs crunch down into the listener's ears. Absolute recommendation for friends of the indigestible diet!


Death-Metal - Sweden
Wie würde es klingen, wenn die alten ENTOMBED und die aktuellen CANNIBAL CORPSE ein Kind hätten? Was würde passieren, wenn man die Riffs und die sägenden Gitarren des Stockholmer Death Metals mit der Stimme des Corpsegrinders zusammenbringen würde. Was sich theoretisch nach einer Superband anhört, die viel Bier beim Barbecue haben würde, haben ENDSEEKER praktisch umgesetzt.


Thrash-Metal - Germany
As you know, we are ready to rumble when it comes to giving rising bands a chance to presenting their live skills on a larger stage. Accordingly, we fished in the swamp of German underground Thrash Metal and brought FATEFUL FINALITY to light ! The group from Stuttgart first appeared in 2006 with a demo and a few years later won the title of the Wacken Metal Battle Winner 2012. In addition to traditional influences like Exodus, these men are also in when it comes to a modern touch of their very own music.


Grindcore - Czech Republic
Shit happens! We are sorry but under this motto we couldn't avoid booking GUTALAX - SORRY AGAIN! Accordingly, we naturally hope that you hang the toilet brush around your waist like a broadsword and ammunition your holster with the finest toilet paper (at least 3 layers please!). The gang from our neighboring country in the east does not make live prisoners when it comes to conjuring up a greasy and beautiful live performance out of the love for faeces and the stool in particular and general. Dilute your beer with enough laxatives and off you go!


Black-Thrash - Germany
The South German Metal Newbie Award goes to .. HELLBURST! Something like that we would announce if we had to award that price. Since we have no trophies waiting for a new owner in the cupboard of our office, we prefer to give the young group a slot at our beautiful festival! The group from Bamberg is cutting through the underground in an old Black-Thrash manner and impressively shows the youthful roughness that older creations of sizes such as DESASTER have thrown out into the world for the first time: edgy, fierce and shooting all over the place - let yourself be surprised!


Death-Metal Sweden
We stay in Sweden and go on a short trip directly from the CUT UP base in Karlstadt to Stockholm and find 4 guys there who have made it their business not only to pay homage to the sound but also the songwriting to one of the forefathers of an entire genre. We're talking about LIK, of course, who are absolutely committed to the music of Dismember and don't make it a secret. Fat riffs, fat vocals, fat HM2 sound and one of the Death Metal surprises of recent years. The band was able to make a name for itself with "Mass Funeral Evocation" and underpinned their reputation with the successor "Carnage" and some live shows.


Death-Metal - USA

You're into really oldschool Death Metal but you always wanted to know which band made this ominous album called "From Beyond"? No problem - we clarify and serve you full blast! Speaking of "From Beyond", Massacre from Tampa, Florida have delivered one of the reference works of the US Death Metal and have always been a guarantee for aggressive live shows. In 2014 the band put out an album, called "Back from Beyond" and could prove beyond doubt that they are far away from being old timers!


Black-Metal - Sweden
The time has come - we are presenting the last band of WOD 2020. NAGLFAR come from the beautiful and lonely north of Sweden and have incorporated all the beautiful, dreary and cold of their home region into their compositions - the finest Blackened Death Metal is offered by the men who will unleash their new long player "Cerecloth" by the beginning of May. Look forward to a hit-heavy setlist and wonderfully dark soundscapes from a world far away from the mainstream and pertinent images - attack!


Black-Metal - Danemark
We already have a few hopefuls of the scene at our festival. However, since they mainly stick to the a rough edge, we want to offer something exquisite to you fine spirits! SLAEGT from Denmark have been one of THE discoveries of the last few years and have already made a tremendous change in style in their still young history: Started as a Black Metal band in 2011, the sound of the foursome changed with the EP "Beautiful and Damned" to a grandiose mix from precisely those Black Metal roots and a good pinch of Heavy Metal - absolute listening recommendation!


Death-Metal - Germany
It's time for the infamous 6S for swim short lovers: after all, who doesn't feel like summer, sun, sand, surfing, slams & Stillbirth? Brutal Surf Death Metal at its finest is offered as soon as the 6 men enter the stage and make it shake. In addition to the unusual designation of their own musical output and the even more unusual appearance of the formation, however, these guys offer a delicacy that will move the hearts of every fan from Dying Fetus & Devourment to Cryptopsy. No chance for fillers - all the band has to offer is killer!


Thrash-Metal - Germany

Who likes to drink beer and comes to Way of Darkness 2020? You?! Fantastic! Who else? Tankard for example! The thrashing German boozers are ready for to range since 1983! As part of the Big Teutonic 4, the band is one of the cornerstones of Thrash Metal from Germany and never gets tired of the tribute of sparkling "barley juice". In this sense: Die with a beer in your hand!


Black-Metal - Germany
Who dares to takes on to be the musical successor of Dissection? Who if not THE SPIRIT from western Germany!? The band is more than tough when it comes to dark songwriting, gripping melodies and pure catchyness amidst the dark chaos. Well, does that seem familiar to some people? Correct! The 4-piece runs at full steam in the fairway of the Swedish ancestors and also sucks up everything that is related to this topic - there is also the permanent urge to bring their music out live to the people and ultimately all those efforts culminated in a more than worthy 40th place of the official German charts for the last output "Cosmic Terror" - Attack!


Death-Metal - Denmark
Do you have the feeling that WOD2020 is still not rumbling enough? Don't worry - we will help you straight away and have a real Danish delicacy in store for you! Undergang from Copenhagen play rancid old school Death Metal and when we say rancid, we mean really rancid. If a festival was a living organism, we would invite something like a nasty middle ear infection, by letting the four-piece play. The sound pushes everything out of the boxes and the guys just go for it - sometimes crashing, sometimes clattering but always uncompromisingly ugly - it will be a joy!


Speed-Metal - Germany
You are looking for German Speed Metal? Dinner's served! Vulture from North-Rhine Westphalia are not only fast but also chartbreaking. The second album "Ghastly Waves and Battered Graves" entered the German Charts at position 65 and shows the bands hammering skills towards smashing hits.Somewhere between Ranger and Exciter, these guys know how to deliver Speed Metal the right way. So put on your leather jacket and the rivets belt and go for it!