Black-Metal - Sweden
The time has come - we are presenting the last band of WOD 2020. NAGLFAR come from the beautiful and lonely north of Sweden and have incorporated all the beautiful, dreary and cold of their home region into their compositions - the finest Blackened Death Metal is offered by the men who will unleash their new long player "Cerecloth" by the beginning of May. Look forward to a hit-heavy setlist and wonderfully dark soundscapes from a world far away from the mainstream and pertinent images - attack!


Black-Metal - Germany
We stay in Germany and dedicate ourselves to a band that we last had with us in 2008 .. back then in beautiful Coburg (before we finally settled in the magnificient Lichtenfels ;-)). DARK FORTRESS are one of the spearheads of the German scene when it comes to Blackened Death Metal or Deathened Black Metal.. However, the band cannot really be pigeonholed within the genre - the musical work of the 6-piece was always subject to change and so the band has repeatedly managed to redefine their creative field since the mid-90s and to beat stagnation in every way. The new long player "Spectres from the old World" only came onto the market in February and once again proves international class - attack!


Black-Metal - Germany
Who dares to takes on to be the musical successor of Dissection? Who if not THE SPIRIT from western Germany!? The band is more than tough when it comes to dark songwriting, gripping melodies and pure catchyness amidst the dark chaos. Well, does that seem familiar to some people? Correct! The 4-piece runs at full steam in the fairway of the Swedish ancestors and also sucks up everything that is related to this topic - there is also the permanent urge to bring their music out live to the people and ultimately all those efforts culminated in a more than worthy 40th place of the official German charts for the last output "Cosmic Terror" - Attack!