Death-Metal Sweden
We stay in Sweden and go on a short trip directly from the CUT UP base in Karlstadt to Stockholm and find 4 guys there who have made it their business not only to pay homage to the sound but also the songwriting to one of the forefathers of an entire genre. We're talking about LIK, of course, who are absolutely committed to the music of Dismember and don't make it a secret. Fat riffs, fat vocals, fat HM2 sound and one of the Death Metal surprises of recent years. The band was able to make a name for itself with "Mass Funeral Evocation" and underpinned their reputation with the successor "Carnage" and some live shows.


Death-Metal - Sweden
Do you want pounding, blasting and omnipresent destruction? Here you go! When Vomitory went into hibernation in 2013, some of the band members could not keep their feet still for a minute to take a break. CUT UP was born! Their 2015 debut "Forensic Nightmares" showed a very clear direction: brutal, dark Death Metal between Cannibal Corpse, Vader and of course Vomitory. Anyone who expects classic melodic Scandinavian Death Metal school here should be prepared for a disappointment, because the four-piece team beats down everything and holds sing-along refrains and too filigree guitar work not in the highest manner - hack, slash and splatter!


Black-Metal - Danemark
We already have a few hopefuls of the scene at our festival. However, since they mainly stick to the a rough edge, we want to offer something exquisite to you fine spirits! SLAEGT from Denmark have been one of THE discoveries of the last few years and have already made a tremendous change in style in their still young history: Started as a Black Metal band in 2011, the sound of the foursome changed with the EP "Beautiful and Damned" to a grandiose mix from precisely those Black Metal roots and a good pinch of Heavy Metal - absolute listening recommendation!